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The lawyers of Law Offices of Shanna Rose, LLC practice law from their office in Longwood, Florida. The firm handles legal matters in the following practice areas:

Criminal law, Juvenile law, Family law, Felonies and misdemeanors.

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Criminal Defense Blog Post

What Does A Criminal Defense Lawyer Do For Clients?

If you’ve been arrested for the first time, you’ll want to hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent you. An effective criminal defense lawyer can help you maintain your freedom and aggressively fight the charges against you, at each step of the criminal justice process, including:

  • Bailing hearing. Arguing against probable cause for your arrest, and negotiating the lowest possible bail terms
  • Arraignment. Negotiating for reduced charges or minimized penalties, and arguing for improved bail terms
  • Preliminary hearing. Where applicable, cross-examining witnesses, offering proof and challenging the factual basis for the offense charged
  • Trial. Persuasively attacking the prosecution case through argument, cross-examining  witnesses, and, in some cases, presenting  evidence, to secure a favorable verdict

Criminal defense attorneys employ tried and tested strategies to fight the charges you face, including:

  • Disclosure. Obtaining police reports, witness statements, and other evidence to be used by the prosecution, including all material that helps your case
  • Suppression. Challenging the legality of procedures used by the police and securing the exclusion of evidence in violation of law or constitutional rights
  • Reasonable doubt. Combing through the evidence to identify and exploit weaknesses in the prosecution case, establishing reasonable doubt, and constructing alternate theories to account for the evidence

To give yourself the best possible chance of defending yourself against the charges you are facing, you should consult with an experienced Florida criminal defense lawyer for an honest appraisal of your case.

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